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Dandong Chemical Engineering Institute (DCEI) is located at Chinese Boron Capital – DANDONG. The company was converted to a Limited Liability Company (corporation) in year 2001. This re-organization enabled the company to increase capitalization, which led to upgraded facilities with higher capacityand broader research capability. At the beginning, DCEI focused on production of boric acid, borax and various economical derivatives of boron. The production capability for high quality amorphous Boron as well as hexagonal Boron Nitride was added at a later point in time.Today, DCEI is the leading producer of amorphous Boron and Boron based materials in Asia with worldwide sales.
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Key Product: Hexagonal Boron Nitride

Formula: BN, CAS No.: 10043-11-5, smooth soft powder in white color. Its microstructure is single platelet with hexagonal crystal system. It provides perfect electric insulation, thermal conductivity, lubricity as well as chemical resistance. It is chemical inert material; almost stable to all the organic solvent, melting metal and corrosive chemicals.

Typical Application of h-BN

  • Advanced functional ceramic
  • Thermal conductivity polymer & TIM material
  • Additive to color cosmetics
  • Lubricant
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Other Products

Leading borides products, your best choice

  • Boron
  • TiB2
  • ZrB2
  • CaB6


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Add: 3, Langdong Road, Langtou Town, Dandong, 118009  P. R. CHINA
Tel: +86 (415) 627 9776
Fax: +86 (415) 627 9778
Web: www.331560.tw
E-mail: sissi@dcei.cn
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